The best trick that will give your old bag a fresh new look

While shopping in a thrift store, the chances of getting old leather briefcases for men, are so high. You can buy the bag and transform its look into a new one.

Conventionally, it is advised that one should always shelter their bag from the rain. But most of the times, the bags get rained on and this may destroy their appearance with time. You should not get frustrated as much since there is a way through which you can restore the good appearance of your bag.

You should take your bag to a professional cleaner if you cannot handle the cleaning yourself. This is especially the case if you have a very expensive bag. For a situation where the bag does not hold much value, you can use the trick below to restore its appearance.

To begin the process, you should gather some items that you require. These items include; a teaspoon of grease remover, water, leather conditioner, a soft towel, and a toothbrush.

The first step is to mix the teaspoon of grease remover into a bucket of water. Sink your bag into the soapy solution and leave it to rest for a minute or so. Use your toothbrush to rub the handles and seams of the bag. This spots always hold a lot of dirt compared to other parts.

After scrubbing the handles and spots, you should let the bag soak in the water for an additional twenty minutes. Once the time elapses, remove your bag from the water and rinse it using clean water. You should place a towel or any other clothing inside the bag before you dry it so that it maintains its shape.

Once the bag is dry, you should remove the towel and use your leather conditioner to wipe it.